An artistic metaphor, local and social work in Peru

More than a brand, Misericordia is primarily a project to conduct local and social work in Peru.
It was after a trip to Peru in 2003, Aurelyen decided to start this adventure that today employs people from different backgrounds from the region of Lima.

Misericordia, an artistic expression for Aurelyen

Born in Seine-Saint-Denis - France, from an early age his world leads to an interest in art. A real way of communication for him, Aurelyen enters the Fine Arts College where he perfected his artistic sense before traveling around the world. His various travels leads him to Peru, where he created his brand and lives now.
Today, Misericordia is for him a platform to impose new values related to the act of modern consumption and give rise to the term consum-actors.

A style and an unique message

In the slums of Lima, Peru's capital, Aurelyen encounter a small team of seamstresses with whom he makes a bet: to build a local project that combines artistic creation and social commitment. The first collection Misericordia will be presented in 2003 at the Salon Tranoï, where she will have great success before being distributed in stores like Colette - Paris and open his own shop at 9 rue de Charonne 75011 Paris.

Lima, capital of Peru

Lima is the 30th most populous city in the world. The third largest city in the Americas, just behind São Paulo and Mexico City. Peru's sprawling megacapital is actually a mosaic of many smaller cities. Comprising 43 districts with nearly 9 million inhabitants, Lima is a study in contrasts, with ultramodern seaside neighborhoods butting up against gritty shantytowns that cling to barren hillsides.

Lima must have one of the most fabulous sunsets in the world. It helps, of course, that the city faces due west across the Pacific, so the setting sun can flood into the beaches and pick out the last surfers elegantly essaying a few lines.

The city is built in a desert: Cairo, Egypt is the only other metropolis drier than Lima. There exists a specific sensory experience that holds the promise of both a new contemporary Latin world and a new life for individuals and the community.





Our inspiration volcano

The population of Peru has grappled with issues and barriers such as languages, political ideologies, religious beliefs, identities, races, ethnicities, demographics, privileges, communities, individuals, governing and law enforcement bodies, and countless other tensions that arise as a part of living in, working in, and identifying with Peru.

To be truly inspired, you must learn to trust your instinct, and your creative empathy. Lima is the birthplace of our inspiration. This is where Aurelyen found his tribe, the place where he belongs.He is surrounded by amazing people who inspire him, and who bring the best out of him.

The Misericordia collection is a real social, economic, historic, philosophic and cultural reflection on Latin America and Peru, and on how this continent is linked with the rest of the world. Every garment carries emotions. Desire, sadness, humor, fear, music, and celebration run throughout our enterprise and our clothes.

The Misericordia collection speaks to the life of our group of dressmakers, as well as the journey of Aurelyen through Peru and the roads of Lima. Here, in this unpredictable city, learning is a metamorphosis that communicates itself in our creations. The Misericordia collection possesses 2 lines: a line stemming from the university and sports world; and an elegant line reflecting the spiritual ascent of a close group which aspires to mutual respect and harmony.

Fashion transcends language and cultural barriers, allowing us to communicate with each other on another level. Misericordia exists to connect people all over the world through fashion.

Fashion artist-activist

Aurelyen is a French designer Paris and Lima based visual, fashion artist-activist and entrepreneur born and raised in Paris, France.
He travelled and researched extensively in South America so as to pursue a variety of inquiries: to address the uncertainty of the present and the near future, to express solidarity and the necessity of art, while continuously exploring the richness of contradiction, perplexity, change and movement.

Aurelyen is a nomad of the world who is truly gifted, fearless, and unique. As a multifaced corossover artist, he experiments and engages many different media in his work such as drawing, writing, photography, video and fashion. A dynamic performance that amalgamate relationships between human bodies, craftsman and Fashion addicts.

Alive experience

His works explore a world of challenge and strangeness, violence and melancholy, loneliness and desire where narrative passages take place in South America. He wants to create a breath of fresh air, and a new way to see and experience feelings you may have not faced in a long time. For him, a tee-shirt is a place to let yourself be exposed, amused, delighted, and terrified all at the same time. It’s an alive experience, you stepp into a wonderful thing. Misericordia’s tee-shirt provides a refreshing perspective on art, fashion and urban claim.

Misericordia belongs to that family of brands which likes to establish relationships between individuals, spectators or partners of her work. His clothes are always the occasion for a convivial experience. His approach, in whatever form it takes, is never demonstrative or ostentatious, fixed or univocal. It’s a process of the circulation of ideas.


The next wave of activists

Our world needs new forms for new beginnings: political, economic, social and emotional. We need the rebirth of a new kind of subjectivity. It is a myth of the possible: a new way of seeing things. It will enable new dreams, or at least make the creation of new projects possible.

As an artist is excited to remain close as possible to non-conforming dynamics in society as personal practices, political activism, social justice. And also work with memorable experiences, analysis and critique towards morality and ethics within their environment with the hope that it will inspire or excite the next wave of activists, here and around the world.

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