Our adventure in Latin America

The story of Misericordia, the fashion brand, begins in 2003 when Aurelyen, artist and globe-trotter travels the world in search of new cultures and artistic inspirations. After falling in love with Peru during one of his travels, he decided to settle in the heart of the vibrant Latin-America.

In the township of Lima, the gigantic capital, Aurelyen encounter a team of workers with whom he decide to take a challenge: initiate a local project combining artistic creation and social commitment. He imagine a high-end brand created by and for the Peruvian people for which the motto will be « Manos, Espiritu y Corazón »: we work with our hands, our spirit and our heart.

Aurelyen, now a Peruvian resident, builds a first workshop in Zapallal which, in 2006, moved into a historic district in the center of Lima and grows to become La Cabaña de Alta Costura Misericordia. All Misericordia collections are manufactured in this large design and creation laboratory.

Each season, our sewers learn new skills and new production modules are integrated into our workshop (the embroidery unit in 2006, the knitwear unity in 2007 and a screen printing unit in 2008). We constantly enrich our collections while preserving our total independence.



Today, Misericordia it's a team of 20 men and women from 19 to 55 years old, supportive and passionate, who works together under the impulse of Aurelyen. Our skilled workers assume all the steps of making garments. Thanks to our artisanal organization, typical from the haute couture productions, Misericordia employees develop a special know-how.

Aurelyen is the stylist of Misericordia and designs all the garments. We produce, 2 times a year, collections mixing strong seasonal pieces and timeless basics. Misericordia wardrobe focuses on fetish pieces punctuated by the desires of the moment. It is garment that we cherish, that we wear every day, that we use and that we keep for a long time. In our collections volumes are falsely simple and always enhanced with quality materials, subtle details and elegant embroideries. Sophistication and comfort are the keywords from the Misericordia style.

Misericordia selects scrupulously every raw material thanks to a local sourcing that allow us to develop high quality clothing but also to represent the richness and to contribute to boost the country economy. So the Pima and Tanguis cottons, the Modal, the baby Alpaca or the organic cotton are our favorite materials.

A united team of talented craftsmen

Misericordia is a small team where human working relationship remains the priority and where solidarity is the rule. For the majority of our employees, Misericordia represents a true professional experience and a real recognition of the quality of their work.

Each worker owns an immense talent and a strong potential. Misericordia wishes to reveal one's talent while enabling him to express himself and look for a peaceful future. Misericordia has been published on the largest Peruvian information newspaper's cover and each member of Misericordia felt he has the recognition that he deserves for his work. The talent of each employee is truly recognized by his family and friends.

Each one is being proposed various evolution opportunities inside Misericordia offering him good perspectives according to his work. These aspects enhancing his confidence, all the workers develop real human qualities to involve themselves and to turn into profit their acquired knowledge in any other activities apart from the company.


Everyone's responsibility

The workers of Misericordia are responsible for their workshop located within the heart of the underprivileged districts. They have the responsibility to ensure production delays, the purchase of the raw materials, the quality, and the daily operations of the workshop. By giving each team member sense of responsibility, the whole group gets day after day a little more conscious that Misericordia's destiny is among their own hands. It is essential to give responsibilities and to make every one being aware of the stakes of its work and our common project. None of our worker had access to higher education and it is a fact that mathematics is not a passion. But all are able to learn and to show off their immense talent in an open-minded project where all is set up to support and improve personal development. Everyday the team manages in an autonomous way the production process whose budget is very important and they fulfil this task in total confidence, everyone's receiving the support he needs.

Each employee is deeply conscious that working at Misericordia is a risk one has to take: being implied in a project and facing its abilities and limits. It's also a good opportunity to show one's determination and energy through a multipurpose project.

Misericordia's collection treats about avant-garde clothes in order to show contemporary times of Peru and its living and active creation. Research and training are strong values that you may notice in our collections.

Every collection is a new challenge to improve our know-how and to push back our frights. Our clothes are the expression of a talented group that works with hands, spirit and heart to make committed and spiritual creations. Our will is to create a strong relation between every single actor of the project: employees and costumers.

Solidarity and Passion

Artisanal organization

Thanks to our artisanal organization, typical from the haute couture productions, Misericordia employees develop a special know-how. No mass production, no sweatshop, every garment is designed from A to Z by one or a pair of sewer.
We master the use of the machines we have and we can then unleash our creativity and see the concrete result of our combined efforts. It is what makes every piece of our collection unique.

Our skilled workers assume all the steps of making garments. This global mastering of the process allows us to transmit, through our creations, some authentic values and human emotions: joy, fear, courage, passion…

Personal Learning Environment

People are at the very heart of the process. Misericordia try to value and allow every person inside the manufacturing stage to learn through his work, to find a personal learning and confidence dynamic. The purpose here is to have every employee involve and make him autonomous but above all actor, creator and proud of his own work.

Offering optimal working conditions to our team and respect the labor law is fundamental to us. It is why our employees work 45 hour per week spread over 5 days and perceive 15 months of salaries. They also all have a social insurance and paid holidays.

Misericordia is a project with a global vision and a local action.

Our knitwear workshop: an innovative approach

Though the heart of the company can be found in Lima, Misericordia can be definitely called international fashion brand.

Misericordia works with skillful and passionate knitwear artists from Peru and the list of the techniques used in creating their collections is fascinating. The brand has developed an absolutely innovative approach to creating knitwear. Every piece of this collection shows how much Misericordia likes experimenting with color, shapes and texture.

Mixing fibers, textures and colors

Misericordia works with Peruvians technicians reviving their long-forgotten textile traditions: a genious mix of different fibers, textures and colors. In her collections, Misericordia uses electronic machine knitting, flat knitting machine, hand knitting techniques. This is why I love knitwear so much – there are no rules, no boundaries and no limits to what you can do with yarn in your hands!

Quality yarn and sense of style

Misericordia's name became the synonym of “quality knitwear”. Simple and clean lines, high quality fiber, classic shapes – Misericordia's knitwear has everything to become a timeless wardrobe piece. Misericordia’s sense of style is about simplicity and elegance of each piece, with beautiful peruvian materials. This is the kind of knitwear that you can wear every single day, every season.

Fashion forward and ethical

Peru is situated on the Pacific coast, between Ecuador and Chili. You might have heard of the Peruvian alpaga that has been an symbol of the country for many centuries and is depicted on its coat of arms.
For more than a decade the designer has been creating unique knitwear pieces that are both fashion forward and ethical. The designer plays with traditional techniques and uses them in a new and fresh way. Aurelyen, as a human and environment advocate, makes sure to bring the awareness in each part of the clothing production process – from the raw material to the final product.

With care and integrity

Misericordia’s sweaters are truly inspiring masterpieces with a strong story behind the brand. All pieces are made in Peru at Misericordia’s workshop with the use of local alpaca and pima cotton materials that meet all the luxurious quality standards. We make everything under the same roof and we source our yarns with care and integrity, trying to use the small but rich seam of spinners in Peru.



Refined minimalism

Misericordia describes her style as “refined minimalism”, so fresh, light and perfectly relaxed. Simple designs, hand craft and premium yarn… The brand plays around with basic silhouettes, but always adds her own personal touch to old classics. She balances traditions and modern knitwear tendencies, creating exquisite items. Behind each stitch is a story… fascinating, admirable and oh-so-inspiring!

Misericordia’s print workshop

You know when people say that all cities have gems, but the precious ones are those that are hidden, well, the Misericordia’s print workshop is that. The aim of the Misericordia’s workshop is to always learn new techniques and tricks of the artworking of prints. Our process is a wonderful creative experience and exploration of possibilities. The best way to translate our design to fashion with the art of screen printing.

With talent and work ethic, our print technicians mastered a variety of techniques, turning screenprinting into art. Their philosophy : a good screenprinter is constantly learning, trying to print better, or tackle new challenges. Check out our screenprinted t-shirts and listen to the people who created them, pay special attention, these guys make fine art. It’s our Graphic Wonderland !

Screenprinting has always impacting society through its visual representation of culture and poetry. We create a visual representation of our country, place and people.

Create what you love and love what you create.

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