14 mai 2020

Silkscreen printing, a visual metaphor of our country Peru

Macaron Ballena 

Slim fit printed cotton t-shirt

In Misericordia’s collection, Aurelyen revisits the panoply of the streetwear, with a slogan: transform the anecdotal and create extraordinary.

Here, the crew neck tee-shirt conjure boredom with a unique print, structuring and sign holding a contemporary twist.

Macaron Ballena

Crew-neck cotton sweatshirt

Whales are a symbol of power and more specifically a symbol of power over the waters. Whales represent the cosmic waters and, because of their great ability to navigate and communicate, they are regarded as a symbol of safety, emotions, sensitivity, consciousness and nature.

If we delve a little deeper into its symbolism, we will necessarily have to talk about the oceans and the significance of whales as totems. The oceans are particularly related to emotions and feelings in symbolic terms and they often represent them metaphorically in many art forms, especially in painting and literature.

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