20 mai 2018

5 Clothes that prove embroidery is the coolest trend

Embroidery is something we all know and love but now the public is embracing it more than ever! After flying under the radar for some time, embroidery has well and truly made a comeback and we couldn’t be more thrilled.Here a selection of Misericordia's embroideries.

Macaron Papagayo

Navy blue front embroidered crew-neck cotton sweatshirt

Misericordia is a new reflection on the realities of the shifting cultural and political landscape in Latin America, taking seriously the penetration of Latin American Culture into the rest of the world. An invitation to embrace the Latin Culture, rather than the tired clichés of regionalism or folklore.

Our Continent has an expressionist, violent, and baroque background that's also our connection to a world that has become violent, expressionist and baroque.

Classica Cabeza Latina

Premium track jacket in cotton and polyester with embroidery

At Misericordia we work with our hands, our spirit and our heart, « Manos, Espíritu y Corazón » : hands, spirit and heart, but also with our head full of South American inspirations.

Paraguas Soy una provocacion

Red letter embroidered souvenir jacket in polyester

The embroidery in the back says everything : "Soy una provocación" I'm a provocation

Provocations provoke thoughts, discussions, questions, interests, creativity and ideas. You are indulged in the delicious, forbidden fantasy of getting to the bottom of things – to the forces that move people, forces that compel, attract, and provoke.

Instead of telling people that this is how the world is we invite them to imagine what the world might look like if seen in another way. The intention of provocations is to provide an invitation to explore and express yourself.

It seems that all Misericordia wants to do is provoke you!

Observatorio Manos

Navy blue classic fit button collar oxford-cotton shirt

This shirt has the "Hands, Spirit and Heart" pattern embroidered on the chest to claim proudly Misericordia's motto : "Trabajamos Juntos con Manos, Espiritu y Corazon" (We work with our hands, spirit and heart).

Here as elsewhere, Misericordia proudly display the logo that translate perfectly the ethics message that makes the brand live since 2003 thanks to our designer Aurelyen and his peruvian team. Centerpiece of your look, this shirt is sufficient in itself and can be associated with your basics chinos. This our way to make you know you are a part of our project.

Macaron America Latina

Navy blue chenille patch embroidered crew-neck cotton sweatshirt

Clothes and accessories have allowed wearers to express emotions to others, enhance status and display solidarity with other people for millennia. Moreover, as social creatures most of us are in search of reciprocated friendships, peer acceptance and group membership. At Misericordia, we like to think that the person using our clothes feels like they are a part of a common project. Nuestro amigo!

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