Discover Lima, the origin of the Miséricordia adventure

No one has yet found the password to genius territory, but it is there, somewhere. The most unlikely people have from time to time stumbled into that territory.

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Somos latinos ♥

Art has the power to provide an escape and creative outlet in times of hardship or stagnancy.

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Lima between chaos and authenticity

Is there a creative work that has had a profound impact on your life? Something that if you hadn’t experienced it, you wouldn’t be where you are today?

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Lima, our inspiration well

Misericordia shows us that creativity is not a rare gift that only some special few are born with, but rather an integral part of everyone’s background.

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All the beauty of the world lies in the unexpected

Nothing develops intelligence like travelling. Lose yourself to find yourself under the Lima sun, all the beauty of the world lies in the unexpected. The richness are infinite!

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The creation of beauty is an art that marks the soul

Inspired by nature we find beauty everywhere and incorporate it into our creations. The love of beauty is a taste, the creation of beauty is an art that marks the soul.

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Places, moments and unforgettable atmospheres

Places, moments, atmospheres that tattoo your heart and bring you back to moments whose splendour is unforgettable.

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Whoever keeps his child's soul never ages

Memories are the stars of our lives, affirm your colors and personality and proclaim your choices with pride. Whoever keeps his child's soul never ages.

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Trips and Freedom

The best trip is to prove your freedom. That's why our creations are so evasive, it's a return to the essential.That's why our creations are so full of escape, it's a return to the essential.

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Peaceful, spicy and singular Lima

Peaceful, spicy, singular, Lima is an invitation to escape and submerges us in its oasis of beauty, it marks the soul and provokes desire.

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