Focus dress

A dress is not enough for a woman, Miséricordia offers dresses for every occasion. From the famous simple and timeless little black dresses, to the colourful creations.

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Focus men sweat shirt

Discover our sublime collection of men's Sweat-Shirts, which will accompany you in all circumstances.

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Focus coats and jacket

Because it contributes to the look and charisma, coat is a pillar of the dressing room. Here is a selection of the flagship coats in our collection:

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Discover Lima, the origin of the Miséricordia adventure

No one has yet found the password to genius territory, but it is there, somewhere. The most unlikely people have from time to time stumbled into that territory.

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Our selection of printed T-shirts

Graphic T-shirts for all occasions for women and men. Design, style, creation and talent. Discover our creations of our designer:

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Somos latinos ♥

Art has the power to provide an escape and creative outlet in times of hardship or stagnancy.

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Our selection of shirts

A well-chosen shirt is a guarantee of style, a must have item in your wardrobe and suitcase. Complete your collection at Miséricordia with our selection:

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Lima between chaos and authenticity

Is there a creative work that has had a profound impact on your life? Something that if you hadn’t experienced it, you wouldn’t be where you are today?

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The cat in all its states

This summer, find the main motif of our collection: the cat. Shirts, tee shirts or sweat shirts, this pattern is available on several products. Here is our selection for this summer:

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Lima, our inspiration well

Misericordia shows us that creativity is not a rare gift that only some special few are born with, but rather an integral part of everyone’s background.

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