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Navy blue animal pattern cotton sweat-shirt

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You do not need to speak to show your personality, that is its true essence. The uniqueness of an individual can be expressed in the way he dress.

Our goal is to provide a no limit creative outlet for self expression and we believe printed clothing is the right way to demonstrate it.
Because actions speak louder than words choose to wear a Misericordia's pattern. You exude sheer strength and are an unstoppable force no matter what life throws at you.

This standard cut round neckline sweat-shirt with long sleeves, gorgeously soft and sensationally light will give you what you seek.

Half of world's animals have disappeared since 1970. Our planet is broken because we’ve lost relationship with nature, with our soul.
Hunting, deforestation, pollution and the illicit trade of wild animals are just some of the causes that made life difficult for many animals.
With this pattern we want to raise awareness and underline the fact that we cannot live detached from nature. May this print remind us of our place on this planet and awaken our consciousness to the cosmos of which we are a part.

Just like animals taught us, embody life and be the dominant person and  fiery leader you always dreamed to be ! Let your wild-at-heart ways keep you in the spotlight.The wild looking pattern is one of the wisest tricks to add a high dose of passion and identity to any outfit.

  • Round neckline
  • Print sweat-shirt
  • Regular fit - fits true to size
  • 100% cotton
  • Machine wash
  • Handcrafted in Peru at the Misericordia’s workshop


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A united team

Misericordia is a small team where human working relationship remains the priority and where solidarity is the rule. For the majority of our employees, Misericordia represents a true professional experience and a real recognition of the quality of their work.

Each worker owns an immense talent and a strong potential. Misericordia wishes to reveal one's talent while enabling him to express himself and look for a peaceful future. Misericordia has been published on the largest Peruvian information newspaper's cover and each member of Misericordia felt he has the recognition that he deserves for his work. The talent of each employee is truly recognized by his family and friends.

Each one is being proposed various evolution opportunities inside Misericordia offering him good perspectives according to his work. These aspects enhancing his confidence, all the workers develop real human qualities to involve themselves and to turn into profit their acquired knowledge in any other activities apart from the company.

Everyone's responsibility

The workers of Misericordia are responsible for their workshop located within the heart of the underprivileged districts. They have the responsibility to ensure production delays, the purchase of the raw materials, the quality, and the daily operations of the workshop. By giving each team member sense of responsibility, the whole group gets day after day a little more conscious that Misericordia's destiny is among their own hands. It is essential to give responsibilities and to make every one being aware of the stakes of its work and our common project. None of our worker had access to higher education and it is a fact that mathematics is not a passion. But all are able to learn and to show off their immense talent in an open-minded project where all is set up to support and improve personal development. Everyday the team manages in an autonomous way the production process whose budget is very important and they fulfil this task in total confidence, everyone's receiving the support he needs.

Each employee is deeply conscious that working at Misericordia is a risk one has to take: being implied in a project and facing its abilities and limits. It's also a good opportunity to show one's determination and energy through a multipurpose project.

Misericordia's collection treats about avant-garde clothes in order to show contemporary times of Peru and its living and active creation. Research and training are strong values that you may notice in our collections.

Every collection is a new challenge to improve our know-how and to push back our frights. Our clothes are the expression of a talented group that works with hands, spirit and heart to make committed and spiritual creations. Our will is to create a strong relation between every single actor of the project: employees and costumers.

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Secure payment

All orders are 100% secure

Free shipping

on all orders over 60 euros

Satisfied or your money back

warranty of 15 days

Customer service

Contact us at 00 33 9 54 67 98 66 or email