Paraguas Soy una provocacion

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Black letter embroidered souvenir jacket in polyester

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As with many clothing designs, the souvenir jacket is one garment that has evolved past its cultural origins and integrated itself into popular culture. The distinctive embroidered style was originally created for American GIs to bring home after the post-war occupation of Japan as literal souvenirs, hence the garment’s name. Since then, the jackets have been seen countless times in films, on fashion runways and it continues to serve as a symbolic representation of rebellion to this day.

Other than the embroidered designs themselves, this style of jacket is defined by its cut, which is similar to a classic American baseball jacket. The style was adopted by the working class youth, and it became a symbol of rebellion in post-war Japan. To the greater society, the jacket carried quite negative connotations – namely as a symbol of gang ties and juvenile delinquency.

Misericordia has released their own variations on the timeless style with a latino American twist. The original spirit of the piece was all about messaging and customization, so the ideal jacket should say something about its wearer.

Paraguas is one of our key piece this collection, with Misericordia's symbol in front: « Manos, Espíritu y Corazón », which represents how our peruvian team works, with their hands, spirit and heart.

The embroidery in the back says everything : "Soy una provocación" I'm a provocation

Provocations provoke thoughts, discussions, questions, interests, creativity and ideas. You are indulged in the delicious, forbidden fantasy of getting to the bottom of things – to the forces that move people, forces that compel, attract, and provoke.

Instead of telling people that this is how the world is we invite them to imagine what the world might look like if seen in another way. The intention of provocations is to provide an invitation to explore and express yourself.

It seems that all Misericordia wants to do is provoke you!

  • Long sleeves
  • Zipper
  • Narrow wrists and hips
  • 100% Polyester
  • Machine wash
  • Handcrafted in Peru at the Misericordia workshop

120,83€ tax incl.



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Lima - Peru

Lima is the 30th most populous city in the world. The third largest city in the Americas, just behind São Paulo and Mexico City. Peru's sprawling megacapital is actually a mosaic of many smaller cities. Comprising 43 districts with nearly 9 million inhabitants, Lima is a study in contrasts, with ultramodern seaside neighborhoods butting up against gritty shantytowns that cling to barren hillsides.

Lima must have one of the most fabulous sunsets in the world. It helps, of course, that the city faces due west across the Pacific, so the setting sun can flood into the beaches and pick out the last surfers elegantly essaying a few lines.

The city is built in a desert: Cairo, Egypt is the only other metropolis drier than Lima. There exists a specific sensory experience that holds the promise of both a new contemporary Latin world and a new life for individuals and the community.

Our inspiration volcano

The population of Peru has grappled with issues and barriers such as languages, political ideologies, religious beliefs, identities, races, ethnicities, demographics, privileges, communities, individuals, governing and law enforcement bodies, and countless other tensions that arise as a part of living in, working in, and identifying with Peru.

To be truly inspired, you must learn to trust your instinct, and your creative empathy. Lima is the birthplace of our inspiration. This is where Aurelyen found his tribe, the place where he belongs.He is surrounded by amazing people who inspire him, and who bring the best out of him.

The Misericordia collection is a real social, economic, historic, philosophic and cultural reflection on Latin America and Peru, and on how this continent is linked with the rest of the world. Every garment carries emotions. Desire, sadness, humor, fear, music, and celebration run throughout our enterprise and our clothes.

The Misericordia collection speaks to the life of our group of dressmakers, as well as the journey of Aurelyen through Peru and the roads of Lima. Here, in this unpredictable city, learning is a metamorphosis that communicates itself in our creations. The Misericordia collection possesses 2 lines: a line stemming from the university and sports world; and an elegant line reflecting the spiritual ascent of a close group which aspires to mutual respect and harmony.

Fashion transcends language and cultural barriers, allowing us to communicate with each other on another level. Misericordia exists to connect people all over the world through fashion.

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Secure payment

All orders are 100% secure

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on all orders over 60 euros

Satisfied or your money back

warranty of 15 days

Customer service

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