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The robotic choreographies of Elias Crespin

Elias Crespin, between computer and art Born in 1965, the son of mathematician and the grandson of artists, Elias Crespin studied computer science at the Universtity of Caracas in Venezuela and grew up surrounded by the works of his grandparents. It was in his grand-mother’s studio that he learnt to shape and assemble metal wire she used in her artworks – subtle, spidery structures somewhere between drawing, sculpture and architecture. In 2002 he started to explore ways to create movement from computer controled electronic systems and create his firsts artworks. Elias began to exhibit his work in May 2004 and has participated in 7 collective exhibits in different cities of Venezuela.

Triangles, squares, circles, lines : simple shapes are suspended in space sometimes interlocking or embedded  in each others, at others spaced out so as to form a dynamic sequence like the stroboscopic views of Muybridge or Marey. Invisibles nylon threads attach them to the ceiling, behind wich are hidden electric motors. A computer programme manages all their movements, their speed and amplitude. There is always a « T » time. Each time, the structure returns to it’s original position before beginning a new cycle. Silence, fugality, balance : imperciptibly , we move from the disintegration of one form to the birth of another.  At times the, the play of forms is further enhanced by the shadows they cast on the surrounding walls.Artwork by Elias Crepsin

"Plano Flexionante Circular", the masterly work of Elias Crespin exhibited at L’espace Culturel Louis Vuitton, transports us directly into the choreographic universe of the Venezuelan artist. Motors controlled by software and connected to steel rods by nylon sons lead the slow dance of metal parts. Flexible, the movement is sometimes subject to turbulences and then resumes the voluptuous beating.

Elias explains that he wants to create in all his works a "fluid, curvilinear, organic and aquatic " movement. When one contemplates the floating ballet "Plano Flexionante Circular" we can say that the artist has succeeded his bet, giving us a poetic experience both visual and sensory.

Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton
60, rue de Bassano – 75008 Paris
From june 21st to september 16th, 2012

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