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Cine – Old Cats

les-vieux-chats-argentine-cinéma-amérique-latine- Old Cats do not like being disturbed. The Old Cats tells a story of the lives of two retirees, Isidora and Enrique, in a quiet building in Santiago, Chile.

Everything is fine until that one day when Rosario, the daughter of Isidora, returned from a trip to Peru and announces her imminent visit. The two pensioners fear the arrival of Rosario. They know that behind her false cheerful airs this “young hysterical” has a plan in mind.


Would Chileans be specialists of black humor !? The Chilean director Pablo Larrain (see elsewhere in this blog), was already mingling cynicism and humor in his films to recount the horrors of the Pinochet regime. With Old Cats, the director duo Sebastian Silva and Pedro Peirano, turns to an acid humor and sometimes even cruel to stage the vulnerability of the elderly.

By turns funny, sad and moving, Old Cats is trying to break taboos on topics such as the third age and its place in our society. Without restraint, the film depicts a quiet retired couple about to lose all his ways overnight.

Harsh reality must be faced during the 90min movie. But the freshness of the dialogue and the theatrical humor of the characters is a pleasure that seamlessly melds with the questions raised by the film.

- Paul Bouchard -


Old Cats


Gatos viejos

Movie of Sebastian Silva and Pedro Peirano

Santiago,Chili – 2012 – 89 min

1.85 – Colors – Dolby Digital – VOSTFR

With Belgica Castro, Claudia Celedon, Catalina Saavedra, Alejandro Sieveking, Alejandro Goic, Alicia Luz Rodriguez

Sheet : 

Production : Luis Alejandro Silva – Kimberly Jose – David Robinson  (II) – Sebastian Silva
Coproduction : Memento Films Distribution
Realization : Mariano Cohn et Gaston Duprat
Scenario : Pedro Peirano, Sebastian Silva

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