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Art – Back into the wild

Eric Valli, photographer recognized around the world is one of those rare people who had the audacity to leave everything and go live their dream… Like the protagonists of his latest picture series.

Born in Dijon, carpenter, Eric Valli heard pretty soon the call of adventure, galvanized by the stories of explorers and world travelers. Being photographer was initially a way for him to go further, elsewhere, to discover new horizons.

Then, very quickly, was born in him the desire to share and to tell his uncommon adventures through photography. In the 70s, he realizes his first coverage in Himalaya, a region to which he devoted twenty years of his life, collaborating with prestigious journals such as Geo, National Geographic, the Sunday Time and Life .

Author of numerous compendiums, he also produces beautiful documentaries (Honey Hunters, 1988; Hunters of Darkness, 1990; The Vagabonds of the forest, 2002) and share his experience with the seventh art in Himalaya (César award-winning and Oscar nominee in 2000). He will also travels into the heart of Africa in 2006 with The Trail, his second full length film.

Off the Grid is the latest set of pictures by Eric Valli.
In the U.S., more and more people are leaving civilization to immerse themselves in the remote areas of the continent. These Americans make the deliberate choice to completely disconnect from the modern society in which they do not recognize themselves. They reinvent themselves a new life elsewhere, far from the cities stresses and the reign of consumerism…In search of harmony with nature, they live a real return to the wild life and its core values.

Eric Valli spent several years with four of them and tells us their marginal life in pictures. These actors, far from the crisis, come to life in a natural scenery that confers a stunning authenticity.

The book – Rencontres hors du temps- recounts the adventures of these outsiders.



Off the Grid
There are growing number of people
who have decided to live light on the earth
to not be a part of problem anymore
I spent the last few years with four of them
striving for harmony with nature
in the most pristine corners of United States.

Eric Valli


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