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CINE – LAtino CANNES 2012

Starting May 16th, the cream of the Cinema will be in Cannes for the 65th edition of the famous international film festival. What will be the films that will echo the Latin American accents on the Croisette in 2012?



Un certain regard is a section dedicated to atypical and innovative films that will this year present the second feature of the Colombian Juan Andrés Arango. This film, La Playa, is billed as a journey into the underground world of the Afro-Colombians hairdressers in Bogota. The first excerpts suggest a movie in which coexist a social portrait and a testimony of the African street art from the districts of the Colombian metropolis.

In the very same section, the Mexican Michel Franco will present Despues de Lucia. The young filmmaker come back on the Croisette after receiving a favorable reception for his film Daniel and Ana in 2010.

In Despues de Lucia, a widower and his daughter move in, not without difficulty, in the huge Mexico City. With La Playa, we discover Afro-Colombian provincials seeking to settle in the capital, Bogota.

Both films thus show contemporary issues related to rural migration of populations in South America. Coincidence of the selection, the most anticipated Latin film from the Festival addresses the opposite phenomenon: the urban exodus. It’s Post Tenebras Lux  from Carlos Reygadas.



Post Tenebras Lux tells the story (from the synopsis) of a Mexican family abandoning the city and seeking a new lifestyle in the countryside. We do not know much about this new film by a Mexican director who is accustomed to the red carpet. Some pictures have just been published in recent days.

Reygadas has succeeded by imposing his rigorous visual style and with films resolutely enrolled in an artistic and conceptual approach. In 2007 he won the Cannes Jury Prize for Silent Light (original title: Stellet Licht). But his most experienced film to date remains Batalla en el Cielo, which made a controversy on the Croisette in 2005, because of its non-simulated sex scenes.

The Mexican filmmaker returns today as a master, and up the steps of Cannes as the sole representative of the Latin American continent in the official competition in 2012.



Back to the Un Certain Regard selection. It is in fact in this section that we find the real gems! And this year we shall find the Latin cinema star, Ricardo Darín once again directed by Pablo Trapero for a film called Elefante Blanco. The two Argentine homologues already collaborated on Carancho, a film that can be considered as one of the best Argentinean productions of the past decade.

Never change a winning team! The duo Martina Gusmán/Ricardo Darín had already been remarked at the Cannes selection of Carancho in 2010. This offered the Argentine actress the honor to be invited among the jury members of the official competition the following year. For Elefante Blanco, in which she gives once again the reply to Ricardo Darín, Martina returns to Cannes for the third consecutive year.

Elefante Blanco is promised to be the major Latin event of this Cannes 2012 edition.
To cap the interest we have in the movie, one must stop on the name of the third main actor (also written in large letters on the poster) who is nobody but Jérémie Renier ! Jérémie Renier, the Frenchy, who interpreted Cloclo (the popular French singer Claude Francois) a couple of months ago. The performance of the actor in front of the camera of the most popular Argentine director of the moment is another reason why we feel even more curious about this film.


The Festival-goers will have a second meeting with the Argentinian Pablo Trapero. Indeed, the director also appears in the credits of the collective project 7 days in Havana. This film compiles seven short films, each directed by an international filmmaker, as Gaspar Noé, Benicio del Toro or the Palestinian Elia Suleiman. Each short film is a day of the week filmed in the city of Havana in Cuba. The project is a reminiscence of the Paris I love you movie concept, with the Cuban rhythms, the accordion and the sun in addition.



For the rest of the programming, Villegas, the first film of the Argentine Gonzalo Tobal will be presented off competition in the special sessions. In the special session also you can discover A Musica Segundo Tom Jobim, which is a Brazilian movie from the octogenarian filmmaker Nelson Pereira dos Santos (83 years).

Let’s conclude this review of the Latin film in Cannes with the Sélection Cinéfondation which selects each year 13 films from film schools around the world. Included in this selection in 2012 two Latin America films: Puede ver un Puma, fromEduardo Williams (Argentine) and Los Anfitriones from Miguel Angel Moulet (Cuba).


This selection of Latin American film is expected to significantly warm our hearts, despite the bad weather on the Croisette!
To get our impressions on these films, stay posted, we come back in a few days…


Paul Bouchard.


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