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Our Misericordia’s women Spring- Summer collection on, news about our exclusive collaborations with Menlook and Abici in the famous website and blog Comme Un Camion and GQ. In lifestyle website like Wad and Viacomit,  the velocino Misericordia x Abici in Technikart and feature articles about our project in major publications like the Huffington Post or the Express Styles

Misericordia is featured in the press and on blogs!

Thanks to the journalists and bloggers who support us since the beginning and those who recently discovered Misericordia with a great interest.

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Misericordia, clothes, ethic, fashion, man, woman, Le Bon Marché, Paris, shop, ready - to - wear, PérouMisericordia, Abici, italian velo, authentic brand, collaboration, fashion, bike, Technikart magazine

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The exclusive collaboration, Misericordia x Menlook, Peruvian brand, fashion clothes, man, short, organic cotton tee-shirt, Aurelyen, QG, Lima, workshop

/breaking-news/misericordia-x-menlook-com/” target=”_blank”>Misericordia, collection, collaboration Misericordia x Menlook, cardigan, tee-shirt, sweat, short, homme, mode,

Misericordia, collaboration, Menlook, Comme Un Camion, éthic, clothes, short, hoodie, cardigan, organic cotton tee-shirt

Viacomit, Misericordia, ethic clothes, italian bikes, clothes, sweat-shirt , hoodie, organic cotton

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