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ART – A beautiful exhibition on Levi-Strauss

Tristes Tropiques, Levi Strauss exposition photo, La Défense, PAris
To discover until April 27, 2012 at Gallery Defacto, “Monde Perdu” presents 46 photographs of Levi-Strauss, the famous ethnologist and anthropologist, known for his book Tristes Tropiques.

These pictures were taken by the French researcher during his expedition between 1935 and 1938 in the southwestern Brazilian Panara and Mato Grosso in the context of a trip for his summer vacation, after teaching sociology at the University of Sao Paulo.

This trip will give birth to his ethnographic early works on Aboriginal Peoples. The father of the structuralist anthropology observe the gradual disappearance of indigenous worlds as a result of the domination of other cultures and urbanization.

We like Levi-Strauss because he photographs the Bororo Indians, Caduevos, or Nambikwaras Kaingangs, people born in the Brazilian nature, with the unprejudiced eyes of its own, reflecting an unknown part of the indigenous thought.He shows, using his Leica, some concerns about the changing world, the overpopulation or the destruction of natural resources. A subject still very relevant today and that affects us particularly.

The event is part of the 2012 edition of the Festival Atmosphères, cinéma et développement durable at La Défense. The photographs were loaned by the Quai Branly.

“Monde Perdu” is available to the public until April 27,
Defacto Gallery, 2 esplanade Général de Gaulle, Courbevoie.

More info on the website.

Levi Strauss Tristes Tropiques Anthropologue francais

photo, exposition, Monde perdu, Levi Strauss, Misericordia

indigènes, exposition, photo Claude Levi Strauss

Claude Levi strauss s'expose à la Defense

Paris exposition de Levis Strauss , le célèbre ethnologue

Monde perdu, Claude Levi Strauss, ethonolohgue francais

Portrait, photo, Levi Strauss, indigènes, photographies noir et blanc

Exposition, photographie, Levi Strauss, PAris, indigènes

levi Strauss, exposition photo, Tristes Tropiques,

Exposition, photo, galerie, clichés, noir et blanc, indigènes, Levi Strauss

Indigènes, Levis Strauss, peuple sauvage, ethnologie

Indigènes, brésil, levi Strauss, ethnologues, clichés, études sociologiques,

Brésil, ethonologies, peuples, mondialisation, culture, Levi strauss

un autre regard sur les indigènes du brésil par Levi Strauss

 brésil par Levi Strauss

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