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CINE – Nostalgia for the light

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There are stars that form a galaxy. Dust that illuminates your life. This film by Patricio Guzman is this kind of brilliance that transpierces your memory.

Through astronomy and the Atacama Desert, the filmmaker takes us to the history of his country, to the Chilean dictatorship with fascinating stories that take the place of a universe in the middle of a cosmos in motion. The word is unique, soft and slow. Every word seems suspended in space.

I discovered this film by chance. An unknown master of my 7th art that injected me with a vital energy, reminding me the artworks of James Turrell. Everything is here assembled, history, memory, mystery, belief … I just got back from my first trip to Chile, and I cried watching this film that speaks with so much justness of Latin America and feeling alive through a story where blends the disgusting, the sacred and the infinity.


Astronomy, longing for the light, Misericordia, Aurelyen, Patricio Guzman,

longing for the lignet, astronomy, Patricio Guzman, space, Aurleyen, cinema

Patricio Guzman, Movie, Cinema, desert, Chile, Aurelye, Patricio Guzman

Le site de Patricio Guzmán
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Other film by Patricio Guzmán :

Chile, la memoria obstinada) – 1997
The Pinochet Case (El Caso Pinochet) – 2001
Salvador Allende – 2004

You can also watch in its entirety The Battle of Chile Patricio Guzmán – 1973
with the collaboration of Chris Maker (one of my favorite filmmaker).

This film was made nine months before the military coup in Chile. According to its author it is a very important document because “it is the film that demonstrates, day after day, the agony of a revolutionary experience that affects the entire world because it presents itself as an experience of a peaceful transition to socialism. » The American magazine “Filmmaker” called it one of the top ten political films of the world.

La bataille du chili 1 sur 5
La bataille du chili 2 sur 5
La bataille du chili P guzman 3 sur 5
La bataille du chili – P Guzman 4 sur 5
La bataille du chili P guzman-5 sur 5

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