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ART – Hans Hoffmann

Unlike the postmodern artists, the bolivian painter Hans Hoffmann (Cochabamba, 1956) offers a different artistic view by focusing his portraits on modern persons.

The central portrait is still obviously a man who changed History. The clear intention of the painter is then to preserve an image of immortality of this man, but with substantial changes in the traditional portrait codes’s, based on the representation of a unique personn, isolated.

Freud (1998)

By replacing the hair and facial features of Che Guevara, Jorge Luis Borge, the ex bolivian president Simon Bolivar or Elvis by other living subjects, Hans Hoffmann adds the master craftsmen of “success” of these figures: Their people. Indeed, these characters can only be glorified among their nation, their society, in which they are involved. Each portrait represents heroes who had a very special relationship with their contemporaries.

Salvador Allende (2008)

Placing the image of the personality at the center of the work doesn’t exclude the presence of each of these individual characters, anonymous and forgotten by history. On the contrary, it allows them to become a unity and reach the same place as the man they draw. The canvas of Hoffman plays the visible reminder of all those who made possible the completion of the work of the figure they represent.

Lucha Indigena (2000)

In the current art scene the appearance of the man lost meaning and presence, and although the portraits of Hoffmann are clearly copies of other pictures or photos, it supports and reinforces the idea of ​​absence of the object represented, and offers us a different perspective on these men.

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