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CINEMA – Colors, warmth and jazz in “Chico & Rita”

We suggest you today to join the wonderful world of Havana through the sensual animation “Chico & Rita” which here you could find the trailer:

Tribute to jazz music and love , “Chico & Rita” tells the love story between Chico, a pianist in love with jazz dreaming of America, and Rita, a beautiful wild club singer who looks for the glory, from their first meeting in Havana until their union in Las Vegas, traveling by Hollywood, New York and Paris, with latin rhythms looking for their destiny.

But more than a nice story, the film is a wonderful rich and aesthetic masterpiece in which the characters move with grace and fluidity.
Ambient warmth is noticeable from the first images, and the permanent soundtrack full of flavor will make you discover real treasures.

A film based on the life of Bebo Valdes , pianist pioneer of Afro-Cuban jazz. And we invite you to do a little musical break listening him

Moreover, the film is also based on the life of other jazz musicians who helped revolutionize jazz like the famous Tito Puente, Gato Barbieri, Paquito d’Rivera, Chano Pozo, Nat King Cole, or Dizzy Gillepsie, Coler Porter and Thelonious Monk that made up the soundtrack of this masterpiece.

But “Chico & Rita” is also the meeting and the work for 6 years (144,000 amazing pictures at a rate of 25 drawings per second) of the Spanish director Fernando Trueba and the designer Javier Mariscal and their joint passion of Cuban jazz.

The two artist met themselves during the Trueba’s movie Calle 54 which Mariscal draw the poster of this movie considered as the best film about Latin jazz.

A pair who also devotes significant interest for the Canadian director Norman McLaren, considered as one of the fathers of modern animation. A precursor that worked on the intimate relationship between sound and image, and never distinguish one from another. We can also say that “he drew to help us hearing and composed music to help us seeing.”

A director who didn’t hesitate to try to design a new form of cinema: film scraping, painting on film, painting on sound bands, pixilation, live action, stop motion or animation. His work can also be comparable to Walt Disney which is however the exact opposite his films, all experimental invention, have no character and do not create a “serie” commercial or following narrative . But the implications of his work are equally important in the cinema today all above the world.

A master in comparison with François Truffaut which himself felt tiny: “I was able to look at the NFB your recent work, Spheres, Synchromy, Pas de deux and Ballet Adagio, I was amazed and also very touched; what you do is unique, unique in the history of cinema, I had tears in my eyes watching your films, and I felt as a very heavy filmmaker seeing your dancers in slow motion in order strong emotion . “ Letter to Norman McLaren, 1973.

We recommend you to also take a look at the complete works of McLarren on the library of the National Film Board of Canada dedicated to his work.

In brief 50 years later, “Chico and Rita” is a dazzling work and we particularly enjoyed it! A work that also makes us think, like the work of Norman McLaren that animation is not just a genre, but an entirely different form of art.

More information about the film here.

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