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Misericordia’as last press release

La Novia “The Bride” a t-shirt that inspires love and passion and has inspired above all the famous french Magazine Madame Figaro in its last edition June 3rd-9th 2011

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The really hype and original french blog Be Snob also afforded us a great article and a contest to win the Explosion dress. For that you just had to indicate your dreaming destination.
You have been a lot to participate. Thanks to you for making us traveled for a moment.
Find the article on Be Snob.

Finally, Misericordia reached the earth of an american fashion magazine, which also wrote a good article and did a contest overseas offering a reduction coupon of 100€.
Do not waste a minute to read it and participate on Hintmag.

Holidays, romance and far destination, we do not need anything more. To prove it to you, Misericordia offers you Free Delivery from 50€ purchased with the code: FREE!

Pack your luggage and go to other horizons…

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