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CINEMA – Cinema stands for labour rights

The Cultural Center of Spain in Lima organizes today, and until Thursday, a film series devoted to work and the right to human dignity for all.
The opportunity to introduce you to some films and some real treasures.

Let’s start with the work of the argentinian Santiago Bou Grasso “El empleo”, an animated short film that received nearly 95 awards, including 60 international awards, which makes it the most awarded film in the history!
An original short film which studies the relation of man to the work and make us smile.
Do not wait, discover immediately this masterpiece:

Will also be screened, a film by the argentinian-uruguayan director entitled “Bolivia” . The story of a young Bolivian who leaves his native country to work in Buenos Aires, and thus be able to support his family. But the argentinian city is far from the ideal that he had … Without paper, without family, and victim of the surrounding racism of the argentinians, who accuse him of stealing “their” jobs in a period of unemployment, Freddy will have to face the reality.

True reflection on the situation of bolivian immigrants (but also more widely Paraguayan, Peruvian or Ecuadorian) in Argentina, Adrian Caetano realized a brutal movie, sometimes dark, which will probably make you aware that Argentina can be a very different country that we though, even years later.

At last, we’ll present you a french-cambodian film, “The Rice People”, which describes the life of the family Poeuw Vong, disturbed by the madness of the mother after the loss of her husband but helped daily by his seven daughters.
An aesthetic film shot through Cambodia, which focuses on the characters who struggle to survive in the post Red Khmer’s period.

During this cycle you will also find the mexican short films “El valor de la Amistad” from José Luis Aguilar, “Vida mejor” from Adrian Olvera and “Rueger por nosotros “ from Haroldo Fajardo exploring as well the theme of work.
The feature film by Michael Moore, “Capitalism: A love story” will also be screened today at 4 pm local time!

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