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The Peruvian art of cooking

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Conchitas a la Parmesana

Peru is recognized for its amazing landscapes. Peru is associated with places mythical as Cusco, Arequipa, Machu Pichu. However Peru possesses a wealth which deserves to be recognized as much as its monuments. The Peruvians say themselves ” tramps sat on a golden bench “. This “golden bench” it is its culinary wealth.

Restaurant Rafael

Peru abounds in an ecological variety which allows him to have rare and unique raw materials with new flavours. These products are recognized all the more for their nutritional quality.


Today, Aurelyen would like to make you discover a new part of Peru: his cooking. Far from the pictures which we can have, the new Peruvian culinary stage, neo andina cooks, develops by revisiting the classic dishes of the country. It is a cooking rich in flavour, in new food for our mouth, in an impeccable aesthetics. It is the fusion cooking, that knew how to grow rich as time goes by to propose dishes today which deserve to be known all over the world. They are dishes but also particular drinks such as Pisco Sour or the Chicha Morrada. These young leaders of the cooking neo andina have of what to compete with the new international culinary stage.

Central Restaurante

Aurelyen selected you some restaurants of our capital. Your papillae will be surprised by these new flavours. Of the traditional cooking by way of the Japanese or Italian restaurants, everything is combined in Lima to seduce all the tastes.

Restaurant Osaka

Some inescapable addresses of the capital:

Restaurant Rafael
Cle San Martin 300, Miraflores
+511 242 4149

Cle Cantuarias 175, Miraflores
+511 242 5387

Cle Santa Isabel 376, Miraflores
+ 511 242 8515

Cle Colon 192, Miraflores
+511 446 2512

Cle Conquistadores 999, San Isidro
+511 222 0405

Fusion Restaurante
Cle Choquehuanca 714, San Isidro
+511 422 7600

Matsuei Sushi Bar
Cle Manuel Banon 260, San Isidro
+511 422 4323

Restaurante La Carreta
Av Rivera Navarrete 740, San Isidro
+511 442 2690

Cle Camino Real 101, San Isidro
+511 440 5200

Av Emilio Cavenecia 170, San Isidro
+511 421 1891

Antica Pizzeria
Av Dos de Mayo 724, San Isidro
+511 422 7939

Herve Bistro
Cle Altahualpa 195, Miraflores
+511 446 5164

Edo Sushibar
Cle Berlin 601, Miraflores
+511 243 2448

Pasteleria San Antonio
+511 705 8885

Bajada de Banos 340, Barranco
+511 252 8095

Restaurante la 73
Al El Sol Oeste 175, Barranco
+511 247 0780

+511 252 9178

La Rosa Nautica
Espigon 4 Circuito de Playas, Miraflores
+511 445 0149

Punta Sal
Malecon Cisneros Cuadra 3
+511 242 4524

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