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FILM Misericordia – Summer 2011 shooting in the wild

At the beginning of this year, Misericordia did a high quality fashion shooting for the launching of its new collection Spring-Summer 2011. It took place in the South of Lima, Peru, in a small village named “TIGA”. This place has been chosen for its military reserve, located in the middle of huge sand dunes, where the young recruits are working out.

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It was a magical day for Aurelyen and its team, working for the second time with the photographer Camilo Echeverri. A new successful collaboration with this precise and very professional colombian, who has worked with famous brands, such as Levi’s, Wrangler or Leonisa. For the new collection Spring-Summer 2011, Aurelyen has chosen two peruvian models: André Gallet and Stéphanie Chiller. The stylist and designer of Misericordia would like to work with models, who have some specific characteristics, and who would represent the social and ethical involvment of the team. Showing another image of the Peru and of latin America, as well as different faces and figures, make Misericordia a unique brand.

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Aurelyen and its team spent the whole day among dunes, caressed by the burning grains of sand, trying to take strong and liberated photos, lost characters in the landscape and the infinite horizon. The aim was to overstep a simple fashion shooting, creating an atmosphere closed to the cinema, with a real artistic approach and emphasizing the work of the photographer Camilo Echeverri. The latter did not have any fixed directives about the enhancer of some clothes, or about the brand image either product or commercial oriented. On the contrary, they would like to create together some pictures, which mean something for consumers and lead them to go beyond their actual conceptions. Through the new Spring-Summer 2011 collection, Misericordia wants to transmit notions by pictures such as ethic, social responsability, rare beauty, freedom and adventures beyond limits. Clothes are comfortable, sophisticate and create adventurous and elegant figures.

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During shootings, Aurelyen aimed to organize as well as he could the project, to go beyond the technical limits and focus only on nature, ethic and the quest of the rare beauty. It is important for Misericordia to leave the peruvian workshop and make the team discover Lima, latin America and the beauty of those uncommon spaces.

Misericordia’s team is always glad and proud to take part into shootings of new collections and to share a fashion and artistic creation time.

Come to discover the new collection on our online store.

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