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ART – James Turrell

James Turell is an artist of light and space. His works plays on perception and light by creating new unusual spaces. James Turrell it is the enigma of vision between the rational and the mystery. He manages to immerse us in new surprising and unlimited spaces.

This American artist has made scandal more than 30 years ago by buying the volcano Roden in Arizona to install an observatory as an unprecedented artistic project there. They are open-air installations, meeting between sky and earth.

Roden Crater - James Turrell

Misericordia would like to make you discover this artist through his museum located in the Bodega Colomé in Argentina in the province of Salta. This museum is a tribute to James Turrell’s work. Entering this museum is entering a magic and dreamlike universe where the light is sculpted to offer us charming spaces. Spaces modify during the cycle of the sun, modify according to the time. It is the experience to stay in a room and to see it being transformed following the exterior light. James Turrell surprises, moves us through intangibles sculptures. Turrell’s work is a meeting between mathematics and art. It is a millimetric work that offers us a perfect result where everything appears to evolve naturally.

Colomé - James Turrell Museum

To be visited if you come to Latin America!
Website : Museum James Turrell

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