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Mi Otro Mundo

Since the beginning of the adventure in 2002, Misericordia shows that it is not just another fashion brand. Everyday we try to apply our own definition of the words “ethical” and “the solidarity” by working with our hands, spirit and especially our heart.

Misericordia is proud to share with the world its social commitment. We want everyone to participate in making the world a better place.
Today, we are happy to present one of our projects: the association Mi Otro Mundo.

Misericordia always remembers its origins – Zapallal: Lima’s North suburb. Zapallal is one of shantytowns of Lima. Shantytown? Yes, but far from the European perseption. The wealth of these poor zones is actually lies in the hands of its habitants. Misericordia aims to help those who are in need, and Mi Otro Mundo is our contrubution. The project of Mi Otro Mundo aims to participate in the social and cultural development of Zapallal area by creating an educational field.

It is the expression of will of two professors of Zapallal and a group of young French people that fight against the socioeconomic tragedies of the area and against the traps of a fatalism.

Mi Otro Mundo aims to develop and support the self-fulfillment of the children discriminated in Zapallal by providing an alternative high quality education. The education remains the only opportunity for the Peruvian children to build their future. Furthermore, at Mi Otro Mundo Misericordia tries to involve families of these children to bring them all together and provide them with needed support.

Misericordia and Mi Otro Mundo

Misericordia is the partner of Mi Otro Mundo and tries to participate and brings uniquness to this project. Aurelyen draws uniforms for the children of the Middle Otro Mundo and the team at the workshop is in charge of producing it.. We wish to make more for this useful and truly amazing project which is no doubt worth it. We want everyone to be aware of this project, because together we can change things for better!

Misericordia invites you to participate in this project in your way: to inform you about this project, to give , or just pass on to them your support!

Website : Mi Otro Mundo

Mi Otro Mundo – School in Zapallal, Peru – The inauguration from mi otro mundo on Vimeo.

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