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Molecule, electronic-dub music group partner of Misericordia

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Misericordia continues to engage itself on the Parisian music scene by collaborating with the band Molecule and its electro-dub music. The group members will be dressed in Misericordia to present themselves to us Wednesday, March 24 to ignite the Nouveau Casino with a brand new live version embellished with surprise guests.

We would also like to announce the release of his fourth album for this artist in perpetual sound experimentation. Molecule explores the dub like noone and his laboratory experiments gave birth to “Beside” an album that looks like a Best-of, consisting of recording from the past two years.

We also invite you to discover more about Molecule with an interview (in french) “Pause Café with Dj Molecule“, concert pictures in the nouveau casino, or with this video where AlloMusic interview in live the DJ dressed in Misericordia: See the video

Website : Molecule

Myspace : Molecule

Website : Underdog Records – French independant Label

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